Javier Montemayor

Residential, Investment, Commercial

License # 591900

Meet Javier

Javier Montemayor is a seasoned real estate professional with over 25 years of experience in the industry. He has a diverse background, having been an independent investor, raised capital, and financed projects. Javier is an ideal partner for clients interested in buying, selling, and investing and those who want to build their international portfolio. He works with sophisticated clients who understand the importance of real estate as an investment and want a candid view of residential opportunities informed by decades of expertise.

Born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico, Javier's ties to Texas and real estate go back generations. After getting his law degree, he practiced for a few years before getting his real estate license in 2001. Javier loves working with clients with vision who want to enlist a partner in creative problem-solving to obtain a return on their investment. His extensive international network enables him to see the big picture in the market, and he has a knack for knowing where opportunities lie on either side of the border.

Javier sees himself as a business-real estate advisor, whether you are buying a second home, looking for commercial property, or starting a new life and business. His passion is helping people put their money to good use. He lives in Westlake and works with clients across the city and surrounding areas, specializing in West Austin. Javier loves Austin for its youthful, university-town vibe and dynamic tech-oriented growth. He believes it's the best of both worlds, with many opportunities and more work-life balance.

With his extensive experience in the real estate industry, Javier is the ideal one-stop advisor for clients and families seeking to structure and expand their real estate portfolios.