Marimar Martinez de Castro

Mexico Representative, BEc.

Meet Marimar

Born in Mexico and raised in both Mexico and Texas, Marimar possesses a strong background in economics and finance. Currently residing in Puebla, she has maintained a steadfast connection with the United States market for over fifteen years. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish her own Lighting Company, dedicated to exporting high-quality lamps from Mexico to the United States. Her client base in Texas, Arizona, and Colorado has afforded her the opportunity to traverse the diverse landscapes of the US.

Furthermore, Marimar's professional journey led her to a position with an esteemed international investment firm based in San Diego, California, where she served as a seasoned international advisor. Notably, from 2021 to 2022, she resided in Austin, Texas, a period during which she cultivated a meaningful partnership with The Alonso Group.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Marimar is a devoted reader who ardently believes in the transformative power of education. This belief propels her to perpetually seek avenues for enhancing her knowledge, particularly within the realm of economics. In addition to her professional pursuits, she embraces the roles of a dedicated wife and nurturing mother to two children. Mastering the delicate equilibrium between her career and family commitments, Marimar finds solace and equilibrium through her dedicated practice of yoga, a cornerstone of her daily life.